Redneck Themed Wedding

If you and all of you friends and kin folk are countrified and laid back then maybe this style of wedding is for you. Maybe you’re just plain fixin to do something way out of the ordinary without a lot of fuss. This can be a wedding down on the farm, in a field, in a barn, in a back yard, on a tractor, in the back of a pick up truck, or on the front porch (with the Christmas tree lights on all year long). Wherever you wanna get hitched will do. There should be lots of country music and dancing at this kind of wedding. You can dress up in your finest for your wedding and dress down for your reception or just wear jeans and checkered shirts through out the whole shindig. Camouflage attire is another option for a redneck wedding. Food for this style of wedding could be things like fried chicken, barbequed wings, cornbread, maters, tater salad, chips, sodas and a keger.

Redneck Wedding                             Redneck Wedding