Legalities                                    marriage-license


Before a wedding can be legally performed the prospective bride and groom must obtain a marriage license from the County Clerk's office.

The marriage license must be given to the individual that is officiating over the wedding (such as a: minister, reverend, priest, rabbi or judge) before the wedding is performed. The officiant will oversee the paper work and complete their part so it can be returned to the County Clerk's office. This is what makes the marriage binding and legally recognized.

After the marriage license has been recorded in the County Clerk's office, you can obtain a copy of it for your records. The bride will need to obtain a copy of the recorded marriage license from the County Clerk’s office to make a name change on her social security card, driver's license, insurance card and any other records or licenses that may need to be updated.
The County Clerk’s office charges a $2 fee to obtain a copy of this document once it has been recorded.

Requirements For Obtaining A Marriage License In Marion County:

  • Marion county does not require the prospective bride to provide a blood test at the time of application.
  • At the time of application, the fee is $18 if at least one applicant is a resident of Marion County. If neither applicant is a Marion  County resident, the fee at the time of initial application is $60.
  • Applicants 18 or older must show one of the following forms of identification at their time of application:
  • A valid driver’s license
  • Current state-issued identification card
  • Original certified birth certificate
  • Baptismal certificate with date of birth
  • Military identification
  • Passport
  • Life insurance policy with date of birth
  • School identification card
  • Transcripts of school records indicating date of birth.
  • Applicants under the age of 18 must have an original certified copy of their birth certificate.
  • Applicants under the age of 18 must have parental consent. Additionally, applicants age 15 and 16 must have a court order.

Marriage licenses can be issued on the same day of application. There is no legal waiting period to obtain a marriage license and no witnesses are required. Both applicants must appear at the County Clerk’s office in person to complete the application. However, they may come in at different times. If necessary requirements are not met on the same day, the application may be held for no longer than 60 days, after which time, it will be voided. Once issued, a marriage license is valid for 60 days during which time the marriage must be performed.

If either applicant has been married previously, the license application requires information on the month, year and manner ( e.g., divorced, death, annulment ) in which the marriage ended. If either applicant has been divorced for less than 60 days, a copy of the divorce decree must be provided.

Indiana Residents must obtain a license in the county in which at least one of them resides.

Proof of residency is required in one of the following forms:

  • A current drivers license
  • State identification card
  • A rental lease or current utility bills

Out of state residents must obtain a marriage license in the county in which the marriage will be performed. Both applicants must apply for their license in person.

Where to apply:
Marion County Clerk
Marriage License Division
200 East Washington Street
Suite W-200
Indianapolis, Indiana 46240
Telephone number (317)327-4720
Open 8:00 a.m. to 4: p.m. Monday through Friday with the exception of holidays and election days.

Telephone numbers for other Central Indiana County Clerks' Offices:
Allen County (260) 449-7247
Blackford County (765) 348-1130
Boone County (765) 482-3510
Delaware County (765) 747-7786
Grant County (765) 668-6500
Hamilton County (317) 776-9629
Hancock County (317) 477-1109
Hendricks County (317) 745-9351
Henry County (765) 529-0895
Huntington County (260) 356-4455
Johnson County (317-736-3708
Madison County (765) 641-9443
Morgan County (765) 342-1025
Rush County (765) 932-2392
Shelby County (317) 392-6320
Wells County (260) 824-3426

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