Wedding Ceremonies

Your ideas can be as simple or as elaborate as you would like.

We have a portfolio of ceremonies to fit the unique needs of each couple. Our ministers can go over these ideas with you when you meet for a consultation. We are always open to new ideas and we can customize any ceremony to your specifications.

An important role for our officiants is to guide you in choosing a wedding ceremony that fits your lifestyle the best. These often follow a predetermined path, some of which you will see listed on the right.

Most wedding ceremonies will contain these elements:

1. The seating of the guests and the parents

2. The Wedding Processional

3. Entrance of the Bride

4. Starting of the ceremony

5. Read Poems, Prayers, Scripture, etc.

6. Exchange vows

7. Exchange rings

8. Officiant's sanction of marriage

9. Exchange the first kiss

10. Recessional